The largest cities of the region:
  • Angarsk,
  • Bratsk,
  • Shelekhov,
  • Ust-Ilimsk,
  • Usolye-Sibirskoye

The Irkutsk region includes the water area of Lake Baikal - the largest fresh lake on the planet, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List


Lake Baikal is the deepest and cleanest on the planet. Lake Baikal possesses 23 thousand cubic kilometers or 20% of the world resources of surface water, that by microbiological, organoleptic and hydrochemical indicators conforms best quality standards of safe drinking water. In spring, the transparency of Baikal water is as much as 40 m. The water volume in it is bigger than in all the Great Lakes of North America together.

Irkutsk region has unique conditions for the development of tourism and recreation. Unique beauty, numerous mineral springs, the cleanest mountain taiga air, historical and cultural features traditionally determine the high interest of tourists to the region.

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To provide comprehensive information support to tourists visiting the Irkutsk region, there was established "Irkutsk travel information service". Detailed consultations can be obtained in Russian, English, German and French.

    • 1095.1 billion rubles volume of gross regional product
    • 453.9 thousand rubles volume of GRP per capita
    • 258.5 billion rubles investment in fixed assets
    • 107,3 thousand rubles investment per capita
    • 105,7% industrial production index
    • 196,9 billion rubles profit of enterprises and organizations (excluding small businesses)
    • 75,8% share of profitable enterprises and organizations
    • 7513,1 million $ foreign trade turnover

    The Irkutsk region remains one of the industrialized territories of the Siberian Federal District by key production indicators

    Country's largest resources:
    • gold - 31%
    • timber - 11%
    • natural gas - 8%
    • coal - 7%
    • oil - 3%
    • muscovite - 80%
  • География
    The area of the territory is 774.8 thousand km2 4,6% of the Russian Federation territory

    The Irkutsk region is located in the South part of Eastern Siberia, almost in the center of the Asian continent, at the crossroads of major transport routes connecting Europe with the far East areas of Russia and countries in the Asia-Pacific region, that's why the region is an attractive investment centre for companies actively cooperating with countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

    43°С to -62° Annual temperature drop
    4500 hours Annual amount of sunlight
    189 days duration of the winter period

    By the number of sunny days Irkutsk region is equal to the Crimea or the North Caucasus. The considerable distance from the seas and the location in the center of the Asian continent give the climate a sharply continental tone.