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4 ОКТ 2013

Irkutsk Region Government is considering a number of proposals for potential investors to establish new industries in Baykalsk.

Irkutsk Region Government is considering three proposals for the establishment of new industries in Baikalsk , including at the site of a paper mill . The proposals received from potential investors. This was the first Vice-President of the regional government , Vladimir Pashkov after a meeting of the working group on the modernization of company towns Angara .

- It is essential that investors have an interest in Baikalsk , confirmed their intention to specific documents. All investors are asked about the confirmation of funding, according to technologies 643- mu RF Government Resolution "On approval of the list of activities that are prohibited in the Central Ecological Zone of the Baikal natural territory ", as well as those professions that will be needed for the implementation of projects , - said Vladimir Pashkov .

First zapred regional government said that the region has a program to promote employment. This program provides funding that can be directed , including the training of specialists at the request of the initiators of new business projects .

Vladimir Pashkov stressed that the Government Angara is in constant dialogue with the employee representatives of the Baikal Pulp and Paper Mill , the trade union organization of the enterprise. All questions and suggestions emanating from the regional executive, brought to baykalchan through the leadership of the municipality , managers and trade union plant.

At the working group meeting was attended by Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Zezulya the Irkutsk region , the Minister of Industrial Policy and the forest industry in the region Alexei Klimov, representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development , Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment , Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Labour and Employment, the Ministry of Housing Policy and Energy Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Construction , Roads of Angara . Local governments were Deputy Mayor Yuri Azorin Slyudyanka district , mayor of Baikalsk Basil Temgenevsky . In addition, the meeting was attended by the manager to manage bankruptcy of " BCBK " David Bekoev , chairman of the primary trade union organization of plant Yuri Nabokov, as well as the official representative of a company , serving as a potential investor.


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