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2 ОКТ 2013

In the Irkutsk region will be developed by an investment project "Development of the aviation hub of the Irkutsk region".

In the Angara will be developed by an investment project "Development of the aviation hub of the Irkutsk region." It provides for the creation of a new modern airport of the regional center and keeping clear the existing airport infrastructure to the commissioning of the new complex.

Yesterday in Moscow held a meeting on the interaction of Vnesheconombank and the Government of the Angara on implementation of public -private partnership ( PPP) projects in the region. It was attended by the Governor of the Irkutsk Oblast Sergey Eroschenko and Chairman of the State Corporation " Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs ( Vnesheconombank)" Vladimir Dmitriev .

The meeting was an agreement of intent to form an investment project "Development of the aviation hub of the Irkutsk region." The document is signed by the Director of the Directorate of public- private partnership Vnesheconombank - Acting Director General of the Federal Center for Project Finance (FCPF ) and Nicholas Alexander Bazhenov Tufts - Director General of Investment Support Center Irkutsk region ( CPS IR) .

Federal Center for Project Finance , as the operator of the program " Funding projects to promote regional and urban development" and an expert on the formation of the PPP projects , the project will provide resources for training programs to develop the concept of the project will assist in attracting private partner and share the risks with the Irkutsk region of the preparatory stage .

Formation of the project and the involvement of the private partner will provide specialized engineering company established by the FCPF and FIC IE. In preparation for the project will be identified strategic, marketing, technical , financial, economic, legal conditions for its implementation , and developed documentation necessary to attract private investment in the project . Provide financing , renovation , modernization , new construction and maintenance of infrastructure will attract private investors on the terms of PPP.

- Attracting private investment to implement such a major infrastructure project - a serious problem that is facing the regional government . To solve it necessary to carry out the transfer of shares of JSC " International Airport Irkutsk " of federally owned property in the Irkutsk region. For its part, Vnesheconombank has prepared the relevant feasibility study , which is part of the application is being considered by the Ministry of Transport. Also, it is important to provide quality training project for tender for the selection of the private partner , because today the private partners willing to invest in a well- structured projects , with enough security package and the presence of guarantees on the part of the subject - said the Acting Director General of the FCPF Alexander Bazhenov .

According to the governor , reconstruction and modernization of airport infrastructure in the grounds of the international airport of Irkutsk is long overdue.

- Work on the existing facilities and the Irkutsk airport project on the construction of the airport "Irkutsk- new " will contribute to the development and competitiveness of the economy of the Irkutsk region and the Siberian Federal District, the increase in tax revenues of the budgets of different levels, increase employment , - Sergey Eroschenko .


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