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Investment potential

Based on assessment conducted in 2012, the international rating agency Standard & Poor's confirmed the long-term rating of Irkutsk region regarding its obligations in foreign and national currency at the level of "BB+", as well as long-term rating on national scale - ruAA+. Forecast of rating variation - "Stable".  Over the last three years, rating of Irkutsk region has been revised for higher values seven times.

Investments into fixed assets as of the end of first half of 2013 amounted to 58,589.2 mln. rubles . Anticipated amount of investments into fixed assets in 2013 - 169.3 bln. rubles. In accordance with the scheduled selective survey of investment activity in the region conducted by statistic authorities, over one half (52%) of surveyed managers indicated their intent to increase the amount of investments in 2013. This is promoted by dedicated policy of creating favorable business conditions in the region. Using the competitive advantages, Irkutsk region may become one of the leaders of living standards and life quality in the Siberian federal district.

 Investments into industry

Irkutsk region is a powerful industrial region, which possesses one of Russia's best telecommunication and transportation infrastructures. In terms of aggregate length of motor roads, the region holds the 2nd place in the Russian Federation. Power generation system of Irkustk region is a part of the Unified Power System of Siberia, including 16 existing combined heat and power plants (CHP) and 4 hydroelectric power plants (HPP). Electricity price in the region is one of the lowest in the country - electricity rate for general population is only $0.02, and for industrial enterprises - $0.04-0.06. 

Irkutsk region is abundant in natural resources. Key natural resources include hydrocarbons, gold, mica, iron, brown and hard coal, mineral and potassium salt, subsurface mineral waters. Only 25% of all natural resources of Irkutsk region are being commercially developed at present.  Economy of Irkutsk region remains solely dependent on natural resources production industries. Therefore, the region declares its priority in new industrialization, and not merely as an attractive slogan, but as a pressing need both for the region and the country in general.  Investment policy of the region is targeted to support production of finished goods and deep processing yielding high added value.

Irkutsk region is one of the leaders among regions of Russia in terms of explored resources and existing production of gold (ore gold and placer gold). Over 30% of total gold reserves in deposits of the Russian Federation are concentrated in the territory of the region.  In terms of existing gold production, Irkutsk region accounts for approximately 8% of all Russia's production. Gold deposits are scattered across the entire territory of the region, with main producing projects now being Verninskoye, Golets Vysochaishiy etc.

Ore gold deposit of "Tchertovo Koryto" is now preparing to reach its full production capacity.  Some of the largest gold-mining companies of the region include enterprises of OJSC "Polyus Zoloto" group, Russia's largest producer of gold, as well as OJSC "Vysochaishiy". These enterprises are among the largest subsurface resources users of Irkutsk region.

In addition to gold deposits in operation, one may add the Sukhoi Log deposit in the territory of Bodaibo district, which, based on preliminary estimates, appears to be the largest gold ore deposit in Russia and the second largest in the world.  Balance reserves of this deposit amount ot 1952.9 ton of gold given total reserves of gold in Bodaibo district at 2,600 ton of gold. Development of this deposit is viewed as the basis of prospective gold mining development in the territory of Irkutsk region, bringing it to the position of leadership in the industry.

Wood resources play a special role among the many types of resources possessed by the region. Lands of the wood fund of Irkutsk region occupy 69.4 mln. ha, or 92% of its territory. 

A number of priority investments projects are being implemented in the region in relation to wood resources development, including the largest investment project in Russian pulp and paper industry over the last 30 years, titled "Bigger Bratsk", which is being   implemented in Irkutsk region.  The new plant producing coniferous pulp with capacity of 720 thou. ton per year was erected and commissioned in 2013.  Having invested over 800 mln. USD, OJSC "Ilim" Group" has created the world's largest pulp plant based on the existing enterprise. Total annual amount of production in Bratsk after the new plant reaches the design capacity will be 1 mln. ton per year.

 Proactive development zone

- the North-Siberian industrial belt, which mainly specializes in development of infrastructure, electrification of the Baikal-Amur Railway, development of wood industry, as well as industrial development of natural resources deposits.  Formation of North-Siberian industrial belt requires infrastructural integration with adjacent regions - construction of the North-Siberian Railway, expansion of the Baikal-Amur Railway, construction of federal motor roads, consolidation and integrated development of power grids of Irkutsk region and nearby regions of East Siberia. Implementation of the infrastructure project will create the impetus for development of integrated deep processing of natural resources reaching maximum possible depth of processing in this zone.

- the Southern innovative belt, which specializes in development and implementation of innovations, placement of high-tech productions, as well as development of the pharmaceutical industry.  Emergence of separate clusters in priority areas of development is planned within the framework of development of the Southern innovative belt.

 Creation of petrochemical cluster

One of the new and prospective projects for development of the region's economy sectors is the creation of the petrochemical cluster. Considerable reserves of oil (2.3 bln. ton) and gas (3.8 bln. m3) were discovered in Irkutsk region, which will become the development base for the new industry - gas processing and petrochemical industry, offering competitive products with stable market demand.

Natural gas from fields of East Siberia is a multicomponent raw material with high grade of ethane, propane and saturated hydrocarbons, as well as high helium content.  Plan of petrochemical industry development in Russia until 2030 establishes 6 conventional clusters in the territory of the country, including the East-Siberian cluster.  Irkutsk region offers exclusive conditions for creation of the East-Siberian petrochemical cluster - the largest cluster in the East of Russia and one of the world's largest.

The region offers tax preferences for creation or upgrade of capacities of chemical and gas-chemical industries, as well as for companies involved in production of fuel and energy resources, or involved in production of petroleum products.  This attracts new large investors not only into the oil and gas production industry, but also into oil refining and petrochemical industry. Deep processing of natural resources is accomplished both through creation of new capacities, and through upgrade of existing operations.

Creation of pharmaceutical cluster

Baikal cluster of high-tech chemistry and pharmaceutical industry is a research and production complex, whose activity is targeted to implement projects in creation and production setup of various chemical products, pharmaceuticals and other finished products with large innovative component.

The cluster includes nearly twenty participants, with large chemical, pharmaceutical enterprises, small and medium business, R&D and educational institutions of higher professional education among them.

Key cluster members, including the largest pharmaceutical company OJSC "Pharmasintez", are located in the territory of Irkutsk, Bratsk and Usolye-Sibirskoye. Consolidation of the cluster's enterprises is targeted at creation of complete production chains of finished products, thus enabling high added value.

In its turn, the Government of Irkutsk region develops a set of measures to support the pharmaceutical industry at the local level.  In addition to the existing tax preferences, the region considers the opportunities of offering cooperation in creation of industrial infrastructure and subsidizing research.


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