The standard for the development of competition

The standard for the development of competition in the subjects of the Russian Federation was approved by the Government of the Russian Federation dated September 5, 2015 No. 1738-p. 
The document is aimed at establishing a systematic and uniform approach to the activities of senior officials responsible for creating conditions for the development of competition at both the regional and municipal levels.
The standard contains a wide range of activities to promote the development of competition in all socially important regional markets, including pre-school and supplementary education services, children's recreation and rehabilitation, medical, cultural, retail, housing, land passenger and communications services.
The result of the implementation of the Standard on the territory of the Irkutsk region should be the improvement of business conditions, the development of entrepreneurship in the region, the expansion of the number of participants in the procurement process, as well as the prevention of cases of restriction of competition.


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14 МАР 2018 г.
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